Success Stories

Why engage with COGNEGY?

  • Proven process enables COGNEGY to Assess, Design and Deliver flexible solutions for each of our clients
  • Provide project support, program support and in many cases, step in as interim management to help deliver faster ROI
  • Many projects can quickly become self-funded by also focusing to reduce fixed costs during the first 60-120 days (click on story headline for more detail)

GATEWAY USA - Industrial Weighing — US Business Acquisition (M&A Services)

“Grain Industry, Carries, Fertilizer, Food, Cement etc. Click on the case to expand it”
    • Crafted and negotiated an aquisition deal
    • Interim management, integration into group

Oil & Gas, Nuclear, Energy — GATEWAY USA - Gain Market Shares in the U.S.

“Gathered RFQ s...”
    • Tradeshow assistance (prospect identification amongst visitors/exhibitors, representation, etc.)
    • Sales & business development (RFQs)

Capital Goods to Healthcare and Bio-science Industries

“Acquisition and new sales channels”
    • Crafted and negotiated deal
    • Business Development Acceleration

GATEWAY USA - Chemicals — How to access the US market potential...?

“...great collaboration...we agree with the analysis and recommendations, they are a critical part of our presentation to the VC partner...”
    • Clear analysis of market hurdles and lucrative segments
    • Strategic recommendation how to access the identified potential market

GATEWAY USA - In Home Services — Start up of US presence

“...COGNEGY's extensive international experience, network and pragmatic approach have been a great valuable asset in a challenging environment...”
    • PRE-ENTRY - strategic analysis delivering the business strategy and financial validation
    • ENTRY - partner identification, due diligence for acquisition, negotiation,...

Manufacturing Supplier — "Free up" Working Capital

“...turned a 'seat of your pants' inventory control/purchasing system into a 21st century, state of the art system...”
    • Reduced average inventory level by 19%
    • Increased revenue by 10% and inventory turn-over by 9%

Service provider to Fortune 500 — Structure for Growth

“...we have achieved more in 10 months than in the last 10 years...”
    • +4% revenue and +14% profit in market where competitors are disappearing
    • Re-branded and re-positioned business for future growth

GATEWAY USA - Internet Business — move from Netherlands to USA

“...since arriving in the US in 2010, COGNEGY's assistance has been imperative in establishing and growing our business..."”
    • Achieved business growth of 64% (2011-13) whilst maintaining profitability
    • Shifted 50%+ of business to long term stable market segments

Professional Services (Real Estate) — Improve Profitability

“...highly recommended to anyone wanting to improve their business with outstanding results...”
    • 40% reduction in payroll and benefit support costs
    • Increased compensation flexibility for part time and hourly workers

Manufacturing — Refresh Corporate Identity and Channel Strategies

“...worked with other members of our staff in friendly, thoughtful and efficient manner...”
    • Improved closing rates across all channels
    • New web based, global CRM system and support

Regional Law Firm — Profitability Turnaround

“2008 was a high water mark year for our firm.”
    • 20% reduction in payroll support costs
    • 70% reduction in total debt

Capital Goods Manufacturing / Oil Industry — Profitability Turnaround

“...we would have been out of business without the changes...”
    • Increase revenue 100% within 1 year
    • Achieved industry leadership for delivery and quality

COGNEGY: Growth and Profitability