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COGNEGY Delivers New Model for Driving
Client Growth and Profitability

C-Level Experience and Global Network Turns Companies into Top Performers

Atlanta — February 9, 2009 — COGNEGY, the executive resource for growth and profitability, announced today a proven model for accelerating client growth and increasing profitability. The COGNEGY model answered the market need for an accessible resource for CEOS and senior executives by utilizing the ADD (Assess-Design-Deliver) process to bring flexible solutions to its clients.

"COGNEGY grew out of a tangible need in the marketplace for an accessible resource for C-level executives, for access to strategies, resources and proven implementation methods leading to success and growth for their businesses," said Jan-Paul (JP) Kalmeijer, Executive Director, COGNEGY. "Founded in 2008, COGNEGY leverages its executive leadership and its networks of global expertise to pilot clients through the challenges of becoming top-performing companies."

After working with COGNEGY, a service provider to Fortune 500 companies generated a four percent increase in revenue while its competitors lost ground in the market. This led to a 14 percent improvement on profit margin.

All six of COGNEGY's executive directors have held C-level positions prior to joining COGNEGY and each are entrepreneurs, having founded their own respective businesses. With the breadth of international experience across four continents and the depth of knowledge in more than 20 different industries, COGNEGY's executive directors have the right blend of expertise to develop cost-effective, customized solutions for clients. "Many companies today are struggling at various stages to achieve profitability. Whether they are in the start-up or growth phases, have undergone a merger or acquisition, or are in need of an exit strategy, COGNEGY develops and implements the change strategies needed in today's market," said Richard (Rich) A. Koontz, Executive Director, COGNEGY. "These solutions become embedded into the company's executive and operational process for continuous improvement."

COGNEGY's model not only helps clients accelerate growth and increase profitability, but the company implements turnaround strategies, develops launch plans for new products, improves processes and helps attract buyers and investors. In one case, COGNEGY's executive directors were able to free up working capital for a manufacturing supplier. The manufacturing company previously experienced a misaligned supply chain strategy where inventories were tracked manually which resulted in a lack of insight as to the true cost of goods or the accurate product margin. The manufacturing client realized a 10 percent revenue increase and a 9 percent inventory turn-over after working with COGNEGY.

COGNEGY, the executive resource for growth and profitability, develops and implements client growth and profitability programs using its proven model. By drawing on executive-level experience in the Americas, European, and Asian markets, COGNEGY develops cost-effective, customized solutions. For more information about COGNEGY and the executive directors, visit


COGNEGY: Growth and Profitability